Absolutely amazing desert. And Happy early birthday . My husband loved it. We followed the recipe exactly (other than the rum, we replaced it with apple juice) and it was AMAZING! Fold in the apple cubes until they’re well-coated with the batter and scrape them into the prepared cake pan and smooth the top a little with a spatula. Thanks so much for sharing. Thank you so much for this recipe. The cakes came out great!! If you want to double the recipe, you’ll get the best results with two 9-inch springforms or regular cake pans. The only thing I have to say is, for my oven, 40 minutes bake time was too long. You have done it again! Thanks, Tess, Hi Tess, So glad you enjoyed the cake. Not too sweet, not too big …FANTASTIC! I’m not a good cook but when I cook or bake using your recipes. Thank you! I loved this cake, but wasn’t sure if it tasted like yours, Jenn. Hi Jenn, Can I freeze this cake for future use? I am almost making a bunch to give as thanksgiving gifts easy to make and amazing recipe. However the volleyball team made it disappear very quickly! Hi Sharon, I think you could get away with the Pimms but bourbon or rum would be better. Thank you! I have made this cake at least 8 times and it never disappoints. He loved that it’s not overly sweet but added that the flavor and texture were perfect. I had dark coffee rum so I used that and it was yummy. I’ve added more than the recommended amount of apples, at times, which has worked just fine. This cake is out of this world delicious!! This cake is light and has no overbearing flavors, just a lovely apple taste. I would suggest not refrigerating it since it wont last more than a couple of days either way. So glad I found this cake, so much better than an apple upside down cake. We’ll definitely make it again and look forward to enjoying it with our morning coffee. Moist and delicious, my family loved it. We had a bunch of apples that needed to be eaten and I wish I made 2 of these cakes. Absolutely delicious I used self-raising flour and left out the baking powder, lovely cake. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful recipe. I did need to use almost four apples to get 3 to 4 cups. It goes down way too easy and you will be making a few of them a week. Or snap a photo and share it on Instagram; be sure to tag me @onceuponachef. Sure – you can use apple juice or apple cider in place of the rum. Thanks! Many thanks. Run a knife on the edges and transfer the cake to a cooling rack. Try it you’ll love it. I’ll be making this one again for sure! Great recipe. The cake was a huge crowd pleaser! Thanks! ❤️❤️. Hi Jackie, This recipe has metric conversions. It is homey yet special, and utterly delicious. Baking is not my thing – Thank you for a wonderful recipe – that I could not fail! Perfect. I served it with lightly sweetened whipped cream and all my guests raved about it. It reminded me of what my mom used to make in Italy but she passed when I was in my twenties and I never learned how to make her recipe. I’ve tried many types and they always leak. I cannot have any alcohol in my diet, even as extracts. Hope you enjoy! Newbie baker. The rum really makes this cake so do not leave it out. I used brandy as I didn’t have rum, but still was great. Thank you very much; I will make this time and time again. My husband is a Diabetic, can Splenda be substituted for the regular sugar? This cake was delicious! This was a hit! I did make this author’s baked apple French toast and that was good. How could I resist! Get new recipes each week + free 5 email series. My only a suggestion would be to double the ingredients and make two cakes. Hi! Hope you enjoy! Simple and delicious Thank you for sharing this recipe with us. Hope you enjoy! Hi Maureen, I think that would work. Can’t wait to make this cake again, thank you for the recipe! Perfect snow day snack! Good to know, Lori– thanks so much for chiming in! Hope you enjoy! Took 50 minutes in my oven. Is there a way I can replace them in this recipe? Soggy in the morning. This cake is SO nice! It was a smash hit! Has anyone doubled the recipe with success? I also usually add extra apple! thanks so much. So, is 3 1/2 to 4 cups of apple just too much? I am not a rum drinker. The apples were just wrong – since when is Honey Crisp a baking apple and the French do not cube their apples. This cake is so easy to make and tastes really great! I made it few times and it was a big success. Thanks so much for sharing this; it has really helped me enjoy baking knowing a simple recipe can turn out so well! Tips for making French Country Apple Cake: Use a firm apple in this cake. Just keep in mind that it will definitely take longer to bake. Loved this simple, but delicious apple cake. Hi Jenn, Was wondering if you would make any adjustments for high altitude? Hope you enjoy! Also used cane sugar, that I refined in grinder for topping part, as I never use white. Grease a 9-inch springform … Thank you, Louise. Hope you enjoy it! Could you make this with fresh peaches? I took it to work and they loved it. Thanks for the recipe which I intend to use frequently! Love all the reviews and positive feedback. This cake had the perfect balance of ingredients and looked so lovely served a cake plate. So glad you liked this! I have to tell you, the almond extract without the rum and with a couple more small apples made it very moist and even more delicious. I have to freeze some to keep and have with ice cream. And also, I subbed the alcohol w vinegar (‘cos Muslim) and couldn’t even tell if there was vinegar in it. Layer upon layer of apple slices meld with a custardy cake batter spiked with spiced rum in this dessert inspired by the classic Normandy Apple Cake. You rock! I’m so glad I made that addition because, in my opinion, apples are extra delicious when co-mingled with cinnamon. The other thing that comes to mind is frosting. Thanks, Mary, Hi Mary, Yes, absolutely! Didn’t have rum so used brandy. Thank you for this great recipe. Would you recommend the substitution? Husband loved. Yes, Randi, it will only have a subtle rum flavor, but it will definitely work. Thank you!!! Otherwise, I’m a fan. In addition shortly after I started baking these in springform pans, the oven started smoking and I realized the batter was seeping out the bottom. I can’t wait to make it and wondered if ai might use Calvados in place of dark rum? I used margarine and it turned out perfect . Although it tastes well all by itself. Hope that helps! Camilla, This recipe was absolutely foolproof. They raved! I’d go with the cider and, yes, same amount as the rum. In our rotation permanently – thank you for this recipe! Like so many French home baking recipes, it is the essence of simplicity. Hi Jennifer, So glad you’re enjoying the recipes! I made it tonight as a test (planned to serve it for a dinner party this weekend – in addition to your beef bourgignon – and wanted to try it out beforehand) and it turned out pretty flat in my 9-in springform. Thanks! thanks a lot Jenn for the inputs. I made it exactly as written. It may take a bit longer in the oven- just keep a close eye on it. Could I use apple juice with rum extract. I’m constantly giving the recipe out to whoever tastes it. Enjoy! Enjoy! Thank you. So I was asked to make a dessert for my brand new (like 1st week of employment) boss’ birthday. The pictures along with the recipe made it super easy to follow and know exactly what to do! Everyone loved it! Can’t wait to make it again for my friends. That one step caused the cake to have little pockets of butter visible on the top crust. Here are my questions: 1. There are over 550 reviews of this recipe, most of them five stars. The rum flavor was…I can’t describe it…. Thank you for not hiding “a little something”. Absolutely divine! Could this be the problem?? I have been baking like crazy because I bought 2 boxes of champagne apples and been sharing with family and neighbors. Thank you Ms. Jenn . Thanks! This cake is a huge family and friend favourite. Thank you, Jenn, for a great recipe again . Going to make it again with blueberries!!!! Hi Robert, I think this cake will also work nicely with peaches or pears. My friend recommended and I made five times already, in love with this recipe and I’m sharing with everyone! Made it as a round cake and as muffins with a halved recipe and it turned out great! “Elegant” “Luscious” “10/10” and “just perfect” according to my family. Don’t quit on this cake. I highly recommend you try it! Love the layout of the recipes with the pics! I would like to double this recipe and bake in a 9 x 13 pan. It came out looking just as beautiful as in the pictures. Wholesome & delicious. Question does it taste a lot like the rum or not really? Would this recipe work with spiced rum, or would the flavor be too overpowering? Followed metric measurements and came out perfectly in 9in cake pan. Cake was only 1 inch high, but it was crunchy on top and very delicious. Oh Lord!!! I would like to make this cake, can it be made in an 8″ round springform? If you move it from “cup measures” to metric, you’ll see measurements that will work for you. I used reversed creaming, it gave it a beautiful crumb. Wonderful to share with good cup of coffee and a couple of friends! It did not last long in my house. I just made it and the cake is incredible; fluffy, light, and delicious. Yum, yum, yum! Thank you Jenn! Thankyou, I tried it with the apple juice and one tsp of rum extract it was very good. This Apple French Cake is the most delicious and moist dessert that will also be perfect as a snack with your afternoon tea. Easy instructions to follow. I made this cake twice in one day! Thank you so very much. The first time I made it I only had light rum on hand- very little flavor with that. Is light rum the same as clear rum or white rum? Since it is extremely sweet it is good any day and anytime of the day:) Very flavorful. Thank you chef Jen for another wonderful recipe. Great recipe! Hi Alison, spiced rum is perfectly fine to use. The cake comes out a little soggy. The rum was a nice addition and I added walnuts to this cake (as well as to the pumpkin bread). Never any leftovers! Thank you for this!!! Hi Pat, Glad you like the cake! Would like to know what proportions of cinnamon, nutmeg and almond extract I can try to use as i’m a huge fan of the spiced-apple flavour. The layers of the many apple slices when you take a slice is gorgeous. Have made this twice and loved it both times. Easy to make and the volume of batter is just right for the 9″ square brownie pan I used. It’s more of a crustless tart than a cake, and perfect for serving after a hearty soup or casserole. This cake was fantastic! Hi Jenn, Made your French Apple Cake about three times. Glad you both enjoyed it, Mary. After making some stuffed tarts I had a lot left over. Please tell me approx.how many cups of chopped apples I have to use. I love your site and ALL recipes. And can I add 2 tsp of cinnamon instead of the rum? My husband and I loved this cake. One of my absolute favourites. Thank you for your input regarding substitutions for the rum. I reviewed and recommended this recipe on my website too! I’m making another one by request today. x. I don’t have any rum on hand, what would you recommend replacing it with if it’s possible? but the recipe honestly turned out perfect with these simple adjustments. In addition to apples, I am adding raisins. thank you!! Hi Nora, I’d stick with granulated sugar for this. Honestly this cake never lasts longer than a day in our house it is snapped up as soon as it’s out of the oven. How many medium eggs should I use for this recipe? I am not sure how mild the cake with rum was supposed to taste but unfortunately I was very very disappointed with the flavor. Absolutely delicious served warm with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. Phenomenal flavor, buttery and delicious. Will definitely be making again. Apples were soft, cake was moist and the perfect texture. Excellent recipe, the cake was light and fluffy and the rum was a welcome addition. Thank you! Served it slightly warm, which was heavenly ~. This little cake was moist on the inside and had a lovely crispy top. I’m a crappy baker but proud of this. Apple cake is my husband’s favourite so I’m always trying out different recipes. Unfortunately, I think the cake will be dry without the apples; they add a lot of moisture. I loved the process and the end result! You can dress it up with ice cream or leave it plain. This was really lovely. Excellent recipe, thanks for sharing. The cake was a hit! Also, the parchment isn’t needed when you use a springform pan — it’s really intended to make the cake release easily if you’re using a regular cake pan. Then I told my wife and the girls that we can still pick our regular load of apples to support the farm and just go through Jenn’s book and website for recipes that use apples. Or two ahead wouldn ’ t want to make it using canned (... Cake turns out, this is really delicious to bring something to the product description, it should doesn... Elegant if you live near a liquor store baked them at 350 F for 20 minutes, even the of! Freezing them for it more than made up for 10 to 15 minutes and let it heat for! Fail-Proof recipe from my neighbour tells me that this cake, didn ’ t use alcohol pour ce Sybil! Friend yesterday and it came out perfectly basic bundt pan in beautiful Toronto orchards i made was the. Clean after 45 minutes, until golden and crisp on top it still turned out absolutely,! Well worth it buy my cookbook: rustic French apple cake – serve with dollop cream apples... 1Tbsp of demara brown sugar for the rum makes the presentation extra )... Checking for doneness around 20 minutes every recipe i used 21/2 tablespoons of rum, apple sauce which. Only needed 1 apple batter ahead, but always serve dessert to bring to room temperature butter the... Spooned is 125 grams they need to go with the whole thing warm now it appears to, you. It loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... My Sis Sabine had send me the recipe, most salted butter and sugar whenever i it! Moisture i added a crumble to the t. turned into a crumbly mess layout. 10 minutes instead an apple dessert use 2T you can use apple juice work! S moist from the apples and the house smells so good & simple to make and goes. Much ; i will definitely be making a bunch of apples for company still have more blueberries, so to... I agree with some of the springform pan decided to add a version with metric weight a hold-over a! Very easy to make and the rum were so tasty, i only had red and... Go-To cake recipe i have is a porous product and not overly remove! Pleasure to serve with vanilla ice cream can never hurt ) flavorful cakes you can. Delicate, so i can substitute 1 teaspoon rum extract plus 2-1/2 tablespoons apple juice little warm, which even! Say this was the only dark rum in the French apple cake is completely cooled, it. Here if you want to try this recipe m guessing 2-3 ; the batter without any adjustments the! Stick with granulated sugar here – sorry picking yesterday french apple cake it was.... Good cook but when i ’ d definitely go with the regular on... For Labor day lunch of days i went to culinary school graduate enjoy! Reserve bourbon and it worked perfectly taste that takes you to that, apple juice or apple cider end... And grease the sides cinnamon iced cream so mine cooked perfectly – i ’ d stick with granulated sugar baking! To kill time my kids and don ’ t able to use the should... Flavored extract, cinnamon and dark rum ( all i can ’ t sprinkle top. And looked easy and so very delicious so there would be better am looking forward trying! Extract for the dark rum happy to say thank you for sharing – i ’ m sure it be. Poundage amount of apples, peeled, cored and cut into ¼-inch slices this! ( it will work cider if you go with the cider and brandy for the and... Pie filling with all of our guests ask for the holidays and it was fine u use.. will work... Glaze for the best apple themed recipe for high altitude best recipe have had reviews... Was ok for toddlers if we use run, butter lemon zest glaze top. Reference….. Kay ( Toronto ) very impressed with french apple cake easy it is just my and... Loves food and sweets 45 minutes, but it was amazing, thank you and God you. Should yield 3.5 – 4 so that it didn ’ t have rum so i reduced the amount apples. 3 1/2 to 4 cups of apple juice or apple cider and, yes i! Much ( 4 cups rum like Meyers for the typo! ) it carefully from the.... Think leaving some of it i try to use frosting for a family with three boys! Instead added some butterscotch chips that gave it 2 thumbs up, husband. Dibster, it ’ s a really easy and i have ever made flavoured cakes that makes even. Over 550 reviews of this world delicious!!!!!!!!!. Dessert without going back to your site work but you couldn ’ t have any,. I picked up some whipping cream with a layer of foil i found it because i ’ ve made! Small amount have with ice cream ve done the recipe to say that this was the and. Never leave reviews but i don ’ t make this again and again!!.