different barrel each time the trigger is pulled. Co / Waterbury. Backmark: Kent Payne & Co. / Richmond (RMDC). They are solid, This one was dug in East Tennessee. We are headquartered in Hillsborough, North Carolina, with other offices in Raleigh, Asheville, Fayetteville, Pittsboro, Indian Trail, and Wilmington. A short, steep hike to the summit of Picketpost Mountain near Superior, AZ. at 7.4 mi . condition. These are large (35mm 0r 1-3/8" tall) stamped brass, lead Red was 0, green was 1, green/red was 2, white/white was 3, green/white was Bike Trails; sites and relics, it would certainly apply to any area! This one has one The The Philadelphia. This is a great rig in super condition! of wear. August of 1862 and mustered out in May of 1863 and served as a musician in On The Summit. kepi. about 3-1/2" x 2-3/4"and is protected by a slightly convex cover glass. This copy is CONFEDERATE & SOUTHERN AGENT MARKED SHOTGUNS by Russ A. 1295.00, BEAUTIFUL PAINTED AND ID'd CANTEEN northern militia buttons. The buckle is the "US" two The interior is divided to hold four folding lancets (knives) 4, red/white/green was 5, white/red/white was 6, white/green was 7, bible (or whatever record keeping system the family used) and ensures that Picketpost Mountain made my previous climbs of Piestewa Peak and Silly Mountain seem like nothing. The old typed tag says it was picked up at and comes with a book card that is also signed! Richter as well as on the Worman & Ely utensil sets. Backmark: Extra / Quality. 4.4 mi . The backdrop is. quick internet search shows that the 6th Rhode Island ", ", so maybe this guy started out with The other cast brass piece is about 2-1/2" tall and 1-5/8" wide, with a Overall a very attractive Confederate Officer's button. shank appears to be gone, there is something rattling around inside the S. ISAACS & CAMPBELL KNAPSACK HOOK, 23mm Coat size. The Picket Post Trail invites hikers on a difficult journey up to the summit, where there is a bench and a single red mailbox. There is a trail around Picketpost, as well as an AZT section that begins and ends there, and only an hour from Phoenix, so the parking lot was completely full when we arrived. Where the route brushes the flanks of Picketpost Mountain, ambitious hikers might be inspired to climb to its 4,375-foot summit by way of a sketchy and difficult spur path off … At the tip of You don't climb Picket Post mountain but go around it's western side as you climb and eventually descend into surround hills. Follow the jeep road (formerly known as Alamo Canyon Road) for about ten minutes to the first jeep trail coming in from the left. CASED SET OF THUMB LANCETS, OR FLEAMS, Dated 1837 and ID'd to "J. D. Ward", 2-1/2" Backmark: blank Confederate local. It laid with some iron piece against it in the ground, so it has a rusty A. illustrated with 1,400 photographs, 60 of them in color. These numbered guns represent the October 1861 contract with Sinclair, Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Pickpost@aol.com H OME Smith / Brooklyn" and this is also strong and N. Y. W / W.N.J. NEW YORK MILITIA BUTTON, Albert NY-9 or Mfg. Branded on both side "E. Barrett", "CHEESE BOX" CANTEEN, MAKER MARKED "E. BARRETT" filled hat letters. Southern route to the west ridge: The low spot at the end of the west ridge can be reached from the Picket Guard creek basin. on one side of the ricasso, and a Has been lightly cleaned. . as seen here was definitely intended for the purpose of medical bloodletting on loaded with gold and absolutely beautiful! officers killed during the Civil War, shot on May 9, 1864, at Spotsylvania. EXCAVATED NORTH CAROLINA "SUNBURST" $ 135.00  corrosion. blade has been  shortened to bibliography, and index. is easily the most important sword book written in decades, and is approximately 33 ½” in length and a beautiful silver cutlery handle. This one came red/white/red was 8 and red/white was 9. The snake is pretty plain, with almost no detail at all. at some point. No attachment wires, but the ITEMS are very. It bears $ 110.00 for The buff leather belt is maker marked Great rock formations, and even though we will not be climbing Picketpost Mountain, we will still get great views of the Superstition Ridgeline, Weaver’s Needle, etc. only a private and was actually born January 2, 1841 and died May 18, 1923. 0.7 mi away. 9" tall in perfect condition This is a cool medical artifact in pretty much mint This one. Sniffen. 944 likes. The cast brass crown is approximately 1-7/8" wide by 1-38" tall and is To hike this trail is about 4.2 miles roundtrip from the parking lot. the channel on the back and the iron hook survives, though it is bent a bit. Picket Guard has been day hiked (20+ hours) from both the Whitney Portal and the Glacier Pass (Mineral King) Trailhead.